Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Panic In Eden’s “Out For Blood”

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The members of Panic In Eden reside in the City of (Lost) Angles and rock it old-school with their self-described ‘old-soul rock ‘n’ roll’ sound. Legends Led Zeppelin and renowned acts like Band Of Skulls and The Dead Weather come to mind when digging into Panic In Eden’s energetic and gritty vintage numbers. The band released its debut album, In The Company Of Vultures, on October 28th.

In The Company Of Vultures follows up Panic In Eden’s acclaimed self-titled EP, and also the departure of most of the band’s members, and its new regrouping which currently includes Pierce Humke (vocals), Conor Spellane (guitar, vocals), Will Hammond (guitar), Alex Diaz (bass, vocals), and Nick Marshall (drums). Notable producer Norm Block guided the band through the recording process at Happy Ending Studios in Silverlake.

Riff-packed lead single “Out For Blood” cranks out the thunder and lightning in equal measure, flattening everything in its path with the heavy stop ‘n’ go stomp of classic ‘70s rock ‘n’ roll. Humke’s mildly sharp exclamations, backed with melodic, tiered vocal harmonies, wind through the roughly lashing, distorted guitar grind and weighty pounding of the drums. The staccato and emphatic press of the first half of the tune turns into a wildly driving tempo near its end, complete with the amped-up sizzle of deep-fried electric guitar lines and propulsive drum kit strikes. Rock on!


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