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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Nostalgist’s “Present: Tense”

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Seattle’s Nostalgist, are set to release their new album Disaffection on March 30 via the band’s own Nostalgium Directive record label.

Multi-instrumentist Asa Eisenhardt (vocals, guitars, bass, and keys), got in the studio throughout 2016 and 2017 to record and mix a fine 6-track album with great contributions on each track by renowned ex-Aggaloch (prog/dark metal icons) drummer Aesop Dekker. The result is an amazing blend of post-punk and shoegaze which occasionally veers into a more darkgaze sonic environment.

The fact is, Disaffection is one of the best post-punk records of 2018. Rife with raw and big guitars, fantastic trademark vocals and percussive brilliance, this is an album that will impress and nail you for good. Nostalgist’s aesthetic canvas is deliciously grey and emotive, with precise performances and a refined yet raw to the bone sound and mix. Yes, I am amazed by its power and it’s one that is endowed with gutter-grey guitar melodies and a great singer who delivers the narratives with a romantic, self-questioning lyrical bent.

Eisenhardt’s talents in post-punk song-crafting are illuminated in the darkest moments with the warm, glowing embers of nebulous shoegaze–it’s not pitch-black like Fields of The Nephilim or Lycia but rather greyish like The Chameleons or Killing Joke. I bet that once the Disaffection LP is out many will love it, no matter if they are into alternative rock or metal.

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