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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Love Ghost’s “Friday Afternoon”

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The teenage members of Los Angeles-located indie/alternative rock band Love Ghost are inspired by the greats of the grunge era, like Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and Alice In Chains. The band was formed in February 2015 by a then-15 year old Finn Bell (vocals, keyboards, piano, guitars, songwriter) and he’s joined by Ryan Stevens (bass, vocals), Mya Greene (viola), and Ale Sierra (drums, vocals).

The band has released its debut EP, which can be streamed and shared at SoundCloud. The Smashing Pumpkins-like lead single “Friday Afternoon” displays Love Ghost’s more laid-back, wistful side while still maintaining a strong element of alt-rock guitar distortion. A heavily buzzing guitar line opens the song, but then disappears while chiming guitar notes materialize against the steady drum beat.

Bell sings in an earnest, reflective, but light style as Greene’s viola winds around his vocals. The grungy guitar buzz and a searing electric guitar line builds up on the chorus sections, as Bell increases the intensity of his emotions, exclaiming, “Spoke to myself last night / Wanna to be brave…”

Three quarters into “Friday Afternoon”, the band amps it up even more with a fleet-fingered, flying electric guitar line, jagged guitar strokes, and crashing cymbals frisson. Even after the metal guitar burns away, the sonics remain in a thick churn that includes the symphonic sweep of viola and Finn’s extended, yearning vocal delivery.




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