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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Kini’s “I Too Overflow”/”Dudu (Play)”

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The Sublunar Society announced the debut LP A Room of One’s Own by singer/songwriter Kini, and the label has already released the lead double-A side single “I Too Overflow”/”Dudu (Play).”

So far, so good, but who exactly is Kini?

Kini Echeverria-Valda is a Bolivian who grew up in the Cotswolds in the south-central UK where she studied and learned about music and the industry. A singer, songwriter, and a creative sound engineer (post-production, dubbing mixer, and a sound editor), she’s now using her own weapons to produce and make her own musical musings.

Her 10-track debut features experimental electronic music filed with idiosyncratic sonic layers and unique instrumentation. “I Too Overflow” is brimming with texture and nuance and even has traces of British trip-hop.  Kini’s approach is cinematic and atmospheric, her music a unique blend of the natural, the industrial and the electronic.

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