Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Edward & Graham’s “Menomonee Road”

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The members of the new Chicago area Americana/folk duo Edward & Graham have been previous known for their individual musical accomplishments.

Johnny Edward, with producing and performing assists from Evan Graham Dunn, has had two tracks and a cover song played on SiriusXM and has played numerous notable Chicago venues. Dunn is the singer-songwriter and guitarist of tech-metal band Alaya, an act that has been featured in many a metal magazine, including Metal Hammer and Metal Injection. Dunn also produces his own music in his Chicago-based studio.

Together, Edward and Dunn take a different route as Edward & Graham. The pair’s sound is traditional Americana and folk as can be found on the recent riveting single “Menomonee Road.” From the restless thump of the drum beat to the mellifluous rambling of the acoustic guitar lines, this is pure country noir, conjuring up the loping horse ride of a lone gunslinger on the Midwestern plains.

With both Edward and Dunn on vocals and guitar, the song’s atmosphere is propulsive and foreboding on the verses as they sing plaintively, “I’ve been trying to put my past away” and “Everything I’ve chased is chasin’ me.” The chorus sections swing upwards with stop ‘n’ start drum strikes, the addition of piano notes, and the pair’s confession that they’re “…on the run.” “Monomonee” is a sweeping and absorbing number in all aspects, so get carried away by its driven, outlaw vibe.

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