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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: Color You’s “Lady in Blue”

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Californian pysch-rock/alt-rock band Color You dropped its latest album, The Grand Trine, this past October. Ben Ross (lead vocals, guitar, keyboards), Theo Eckhardt (guitar, vocals), Brian Han (bass, vocals), and Drew Stutz (drums), who come from Southern California and Alabama, settled in Los Angeles and San Diego and formed Color You in 2013.

Recent upbeat lead single “Lady in Blue” is an exultant alternative rock track that recalls hits of the alt-‘90s/modern rock era. The verses swing to and fro with a stop ‘n’ go pace of plunging distorted guitar strikes and strutting drum hits, then quickly segue into sweeping, yet still choppy, chorus sections filled with murky bassline undertow, thick jags of guitar scintillation, and Ross’s swooping, tuneful vox as he proclaims with joyful ardor, “I’ve been waitin’ for you / Oh my lady in blue.”


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