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Stereo Embers’ TRACK OF THE DAY: BROADS’ “Climbs” (feat. Milly Hirst)

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BROADS from Norwich UK are set to release their new Field Theory LP on February 1st via Humm Recordings and have already unveiled the first “Climbs” single.

Electronic music based on drone sonic waves with guitars and loads of effects, would be an easy way to describe BROADS’ music, but there’s more. Most people, when they read of a drone electronics project think of a thick sonic wall emerging from the deep and stormy realms of the human soul. But the duo from Norwich are more than that–they deliver a variety of music hailing from synth-pop, post-rock and ambient drone sparks, based on the shoegaze or even the just-‘gaze theory. Their sonic output is blended with folk and some Celtic elements from their country’s musical heritage.

“Climbs” is an example of how all that works. Co-written and featuring vocals by Norwich’s singer/songwriter Milly Hirst, in just four minutes, the song includes a blissful hybrid fusion loaded with the aforementioned elements, and if you read the lyrics then the song is complete with a clear purpose–to alternate on avant-garde electronica with Celtic textures. Look at the lyrics that are actually written in a poetic form…

waiting out
ramps divide us
old military and cut around it
a way through haze to feed us
our lungs contract and lead us

and we go
you’re red in the sun
catch me.


And let’s listen to it…

To my ears, the approach is fascinating as it has their signature sound and it’s arranged clearly according to their geographical context. Norwich is surrounded by expansive, flat landscapes and big skies that easily inform the band’s musical DNA. Having listened to Field Music already, I must assure you of its mesmerizing content.

The songs are 4 minutes on the average, which is a refreshing fact, because ambient-drone artists often lose contact with real time and play on and on, excessively loading layers of sonic linoleum on tracks that seem to have no musical center. BROADS, on the other hand are efficient and methodical and are pioneering the whole genre with their fresh sonic ideas.

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