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Stereo Embers’ Song Premiere: MOAT’s “Acid Rain”

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The English-Swedish music duo MOAT, comprising Marty Willson-Piper and Niko Röhlcke, is set to release “Acid Rain,” the intriguing second single from upcoming album Poison Stream, due out February 2021 via Schoolkids Records.

Willson-Piper made a big name for himself in the renowned Australian alternative/space/psych-rock band The Church, and has been a part of many music projects, including All About Eve.

Willson-Piper is currently also in Swedish indie band Anekdoten, as well as Noctorum, Atlantaeum Flood, Space Summit, and has a hand in a yet-named collaboration with Jerome Froese of Tangerine Dream, and will contribute production and guitar to Texan Salim Nourallah’s latest musical endeavor.

Röhlcke is a Swedish-German composer and multi-instrumentalist who is a member of notable Swedish outfit Weeping Willows.

MOAT is launching their Poison Stream pre-order campaign via Indiegogo and “Acid Rain” is another captivating teaser of what to expect from the forthcoming album.

Stereo Embers is deeply pleased to host the premiere of “Acid Rain,” a brisk and bracing melodic indie rock number that forgoes the dreamy contemplation of first single “Gone By Noon” for a more direct, but nonetheless entrancing sound.

Willson-Piper and Röhlcke bring out the best musicality in each other, with Willson-Piper’s reverberating 12-string guitar ringing out against Röhlcke’s bittersweet electronica. And that’s not all, sonically; propulsive percussion and beats and expansive synths also adorn “Acid Rain.”

Willson-Piper’s urgent, but velvety vocals are front ‘n’ center as he laments with a breathless melancholia on the refrain, “Acid rain falling down / burns my skin without a sound / Peels my soul / It flays my heart / It’s simply tearing me apart.”

“Acid Rain” will be available from October 7th via all your favorite platforms.

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