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Stereo Embers’ Song Premiere: Hollow Hand’s “Made Up My Mind”

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Today Stereo Embers has the pleasure of hosting the premiere of the new Hollow Hand single, “Made Up My Mind.”

The U.K.-based artist has also shared details of his debut album, arriving this October.

Max Kinghorn-Mills (AKA Hollow Hand) describes the LP as a “celebration of beauty”. He states, “I try to surround myself with beautiful objects, art, music, stories, and ideas because I’m trying desperately to find happiness and navigate my way through life safely… Fantasy has always been a huge attraction to me; romance and mythology in history and creativity.”


An entirely DIY project, the album was recorded at the bottom of a leafy garden in a home-made studio pieced together by three of the artist’s friends. Nature plays a crucial role in Hollow Hand’s sound. As Kinghorn-Mills explains, “When we recorded the album, we were literally affected by the elements; the changing of the seasons. We didn’t have much protection from the outside. If there was a storm, we would have to record through it; if the Yamaha DX7 was waterlogged from a breach the night before, we’d have to dry it out on the heater and record some other parts first. When you hear these recordings you might notice the sounds of birds (summer songs were recorded with the door open; birdsong is present)”.

Hollow Hand’s album, Star Chamber, arrives October 19th.

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