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Stereo Embers’ Song Premiere: “Field Rep” (Alan Sparhawk Mix) by Azalia Snail

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Art-pop veteran Azalia Snail is riding high on the recent release of her bright and catchy album Neon Resistance, available via Silber Records. She’s been delivering a string of singles in audio and video format, some of which stars Azalia in Bitmoji form. One track from her album, “Field Rep”, has gotten the remix treatment from none other than equally renowned Alan Sparhawk (Low).

Stereo Embers Magazine is pleased to premiere “Field Rep” (Alan Sparhawk Mix) by Azalia Snail. In her own words, Azalia details her initial meeting and ensuing friendship with Alan:

“As many wonderful life experiences go, it started as a chance encounter,” Azalia begins. “It was one of those nights where I couldn’t find anybody to go with me to an avant noise show at the original Knitting Factory in New York City. I never minded the nice stroll from the West Village down to Houston Street, though I often sought the companionship of a like-minded musical peer. But on this particular night, it was to be that I was on my own.”

Azalia continues, “Sometimes it’s more fun to play noisy improvised music than to listen, but I do like to support my fellow musicians. Alan Licht had just finished his elegant guitar noodling and I was about to leave. As I was walking down the stairs, I ran into Shimmy Disc producer Kramer. He asked me if I was leaving, and encouraged me to stay as the next band was “the quietest band I ever heard.” He was recording their first album at his studio and booked this last-minute show for them.”

“This sounded like something intriguing, so I decided to stay. It was a profoundly spiritual half hour or so; graceful, yet powerful. The blend of lead singers Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker’s voices was heavenly and majestic. There was less than a dozen of us in the audience.”

Azalia concludes, “This was the beginning of what is now a 25-plus year friendship with the band LOW. It’s been 20 years since Alan Sparhawk played on one of my records, and I couldn’t be more pleased to have this new version of “Field Rep” with Alan’s added vocals and instrumentation, remixed with love by him. I’m so thrilled to bring this to your attention.”

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