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Stereo Embers’ Song Premiere: ellysa’s “Sad Happy”

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Los Angeles-based indie pop singer-songwriter and producer ellysa is making a name for herself on the global scale. Ellysa launched her first single, “Shattered”, an empowering anthem about survival last year, and now Stereo Embers is excited to host the premiere of her lyrically powerful and emotionally captivating second single “Sad Happy”.

 On the thoughtful piano popper, ellysa explores this mood-dichotomy where various feelings can exist simultaneously (like being sad and happy in the same moment). The song is a commentary on how we all we have a strong natural desire to be truly seen, but society expects us to fit into a box with pre-set labels that limits our growth and potential.

 Ellysa’s lyrics are direct, yet complex, and she sings her words with passion and nuance. At times she cries to sky in frustration, and at others she delicately dances through the light piano notes, fingersnap percussion, and press of subdued symphonic strings.

 “Sad Happy” officially releases today, April 5th, via AWAL and is available to purchase and stream via Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and all other major download/streaming platforms.

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