Stereo Embers Exclusive Video Premiere: “Allegience” by Threefifty

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New York-based musical collective Threefifty has been called many things (neo-classical, post-rock, etc…), but none of the labels seem to stick. It’s difficult to adequately describe a band that is perhaps too unique to fit into a neatly defined category.

Its members, in a somewhat tongue-in-cheek manner, refer to themselves as “post-minimalist-baroque-folk-rock”. And that’s actually a pretty apt description. What began as a classically-trained duo performing traditional compositions from Brahms to Handel has evolved into an eight-piece ensemble that writes original pieces that sound like nothing else out there.

Most of the tracks from Threefifty’s upcoming album, Gently Among The Coals, utilize Joanie Leon Guerrero’s voice as an instrument. “Allegiance”, which premieres here today as a live performance video, is rare song of theirs that features true lyrics.

Co-founder Geremy Schulick explains the origins of the lyrics: “My wife’s mother, Vicki Kennelly Stock, was a poet, and as she had recently passed away, it felt very resonant to memorialize her by setting a few of her poems to music. The imagery in “Allegiance” immediately haunted me, and the two stanzas inherently seemed like they were meant to be verses in a song.”

Those in the New York area, keep your eyes peeled for news on the band’s record release show.

You can pick up your own copy of Gently Among The Coals on May 12th.


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