STEREO EMBERS EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PREMIER – Allyson Seconds ‘Dust Beneath My Wings’ from “Little World” w/Anton Barbeau

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We’re not greedy, we swear we’re not. But getting the opportunity to premier the second video from Allyson Seconds’ sublime eco-pop album Little World after giving the album’s title track to the world late last summer? Well, if doing so makes us seem a tad selfish, so what, it’s every bit worth the risk. Quite possibly the most organically hopeful track on an album that traded in some elegantly worry-shaded optimism, “Dust,” a love song in the most universal sense, benefits not only from a surfeit of understated pop bravado courtesy leonine-maned auteur Anton Barbeau but as well from Jaimie Smith’s gently blistering violin solo that suggests a distaff Dave Swarbrick gone sweetly over the edge, which isn’t to even mention the mellifluous lilting authority of Ms Seconds’ voice, an instrument, on this track anyway, of dreamy summery wisdom. From where we sit, here on the suddenly water-logged West Coast, it’s a slice of very welcome escape, a 4-minute vacation that can carry us through the entire day. So wherever you are – at your desk at work, looking at your phone on a commuter train station, stuck at the DMV – take a break, close your eyes, and feel the shimmering heat on your face, the love in the air, the easy joy of being alive. Ain’t pop great?