STEREO EMBERS EXCLUSIVE – Premier Album Stream of Blue Orchids’ New Early Years Collection “Awefull”

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Precisely one week from today, on June 3rd, whatever low profile Martin Bramah might have been (unjustly) accused of keeping will be raised to the legendary heavens where it’s always belonged, as not one, not two, but three full-length albums will be released on vinyl by Tiny Global Productions. Two of those represent either brand new Blue Orchids material (The Once and Future Thing) or relatively recent, mid-aughts solo efforts being rescued from obscurity (The Battle of Twisted Heel, which features five tracks that would later find updated expression via the mystic, moss-dark ruminations of Bramah’s valiant – and unreasonably overlooked – Factory Star project and its one full LP Enter Castle Perilous), while the third, “Awefull,” offered early here by SEM to help slake your long-suffering thirst for that rich, bracing Blue Orchids sound, compiles a tidy stack of original singles (“The Flood,” “Work”) with B-sides included, the elusive Agents of Change 12″ EP, and demo versions of both “The Unknown” and “Sleepy Town,” all featuring both the original Fall guitarist plus original Fall keyboard player Una Baines along with Rick Goldstraw, one of that irascible band’s earliest bassists. Via this impeccable trifecta of releases ‘The Summer of the Blue Orchids [official]’ is soon to be truly upon us and we’re honored to offer you a first row seat as dawn breaks and the visions set in. Lucky you. [and stay tuned to these pages for the full-throated, three-headed review of …Thing, …Twisted Heel, and Awefull appearing in a couple weeks; click here to order physical copies of any/all albums plus access other marvelous goodies]