Stereo Embers EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN ALBUM STREAM – Portland’s bluegrass wonders Left Coast Country’s “Pines Fly By”

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Lest you think the only country fervor we have here in Oregon favors Stetson-hatted miscreants taking over bird sanctuaries in the name of their own paranoia, please, do think again. Amid a thriving, energetic scene that, among much else, helped spawn the now-wildly successful Pickathon Festival and the still-authentic and possibly even crazier Northwest String Summit, Portland’s popular live outfit Left Coast Country carve a path through the woods that not only points to the rude traditionalist health of the close-knit scene but as well provides their fervent fans with live shows that have, since forming in 2010, become fairly legendary. Leaning on bluegrass history while tending to their own unique take on perhaps the truest of America’s native-grown art forms, LCC make musical hay while the sun shines, which for these guys, even up here in the famously gray Pacific Northwest, is pretty much every day of the year. Stereo Embers Magazine is proud to present the premier stream of the lads’ latest, Pines Fly By, a title that couldn’t more evoke the unavoidable nature-sharing essence that everyone that lives up can’t help but relate to, no matter how urban one’s day-to-day existence. So pour yourself up some locally-distilled Portland whiskey (with maybe a PBR back just to keep things real), crank this sucker up and lose yourself in the music Oregon was born to. [feature photo courtesy In Music We Trust]