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Soft Cell Come To A Hard Stop: Legendary Band Announces Date For Their Farewell Show

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Soft Cell have announced the date for their last-ever performance.

The legendary synth-pop duo from Leeds will take their valedictory lap September 30th at the O2 Arena in London.

The show is being billed as “One Night, One Final Time: Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.”

“With Soft Cell I always felt something was unfinished,” singer Marc Almond said in a press release. “This last ever final show will be the best ever ending. It will be a real statement and send off, and thank you to every fan.”

Almond, along with multi-instrumentalist Dave Ball, formed the band back in 1977 as students at Leeds Polytechnic. They went on to release five studio albums, lodge ten songs in the UK’s Top 40 charts and record one of the most memorable numbers of the last 40 years: a sultry synth take on the Ed Cobb-penned Northern Soul track “Tainted Love.” The song’s end featured a delicious mash-up of the Cobb number along with “Where Did Our Love Go?” which was originally recorded by the Supremes.

Although Soft Cell split in 1984, they teamed up again in 2001 for a new album (Cruelty Without Beauty) and a successful tour. To date, Soft Cell have sold over 10 million albums worldwide.

The O2 Arena show will mark the band’s first UK appearance in over 15 years.

“We live in very interesting times,” Ball added to Almond’s statement. “2018 promises to be a very special year.”