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Smoldering And Breezy: Matt Keating’s Wrong Way Home

Matt Keating
Wrong Way Home

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Singer/songwriter Matt Keating’s tenth long player is a loose and breezy effort that owes as much to Harry Nilsson as it does Tom Waits.

Keating’s delivery is one of the smoothest in the game and this time around his arrangements have a touch more theatrics than his previous work. The lush piano romp of “Just About Now” brings to mind Rufus Wainwright, the woozy blues of “Too Good To Lose” is pitch-perfect and the drowsy, tin-pan alley stomp of “Back To The Party” is positively unforgettable.

Keating is a songwriter with immeasurable finesse and his touch has never been better than here, making numbers like “Sound Of Summer Days” and “Jersey Sky” as mournful as they are beautiful. Elsewhere, “Nobody’s Talkin’” is a stunning ode to inertia; “Go To The Beach” is smoldering and wistful and the ballad “Let” is a straight-up killer.