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Rosanna Arquette’s Top Ten Albums Of All Time

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I’ve had a crush on Rosanna Arquette for a long, long time.

I thought about mentioning this when I asked her for a list of her top ten favorite albums, but I thought better of it. Plus, I know she’s heard that kind of thing before.

I mean, who hasn’t had a crush on Rosanna Arquette?

A New York native, Arquette had been acting since 1977, but when I first saw her in Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) and then again that same year in After Hours, I was hooked.


Too hip to be a hipster, too awkward to be cool and too sexy to be a geek, Arquette came across as the offbeat girl next door who knew a lot about the night. With her toothsome smile, floppy blonde hair and a look in her eyes that could convey feral sexuality, goofy playfulness or an emotional wound you knew was far deeper than you would ever be capable of diving, Rosanna Arquette was the original neurotic indie rock dream girl. And not only did she dominate the ’80s and ’90s, she is still one of the most uncharacterizable and enigmatic actresses in film history. She’s breezy, uptight, nervous, strong and unpredictable–sometimes all at once. She was delicously cooky in The Linguini Incident (1991 ), inscrutable in Crash (1996) and unforgettable on “The L Word.”

Not only that, but she just about stole “Girls” right out from under everyone in her appearance on the HBO program a few seasons ago.

When we asked for her top ten albums of all time, she readily agreed and handed us a great list.

“#1 is for sure RevolverHejira is #2 and the rest can be in any order,” she told CITC…

 Rosanna Arquette’s Top Ten Albums Of All Time:

1. The Beatles–Revolver

2. Joni Mitchell–Hejira

3. Radiohead–Kid A

4. Neil Young–Live At Massey Hall

5. Patti Smith–Horses

6. Joni Mitchell–For The Roses

7. Genesis–The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway

8. Led Zeppelin--Led Zeppelin II

9. My Bloody Valentine–Loveless

10. The Rolling Stones–Beggars Banquet