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Roadmaps To The Heart: Dawes Live At The Capitol Theatre

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Dawes stopped by the Capitol Theatre the other night (2/6) to play two inspired sets of emotive roots rock and stirring indie folk.

Touring behind their sixth album Passwords, the L.A. band were in fine form, with singer Taylor Goldsmith commandeering his band with boundless energy and grace. Goldsmith’s compositions are like roadmaps that go straight to the heart and every number has a palpable emotional tug.

The band played two sets, the first of which whose highlights were the moving “Never Gonna Say Goodbye” and the thoughtful “Time Spent In Los Angeles.” The band also tore through numbers like “Right On Time” and “Feed The Fire” with passion and heart.

Set Two contained tracks from Passwords like “Crack The Case” and “My Greatest Invention” and the show-closing “All Your Favorite Bands” was an elegiac send-off that was both comforting and bittersweet. Because, though Goldsmith sang, “I hope all your favorite bands stay together,” as we all know, they rarely do.

But for now, we’ve got Dawes and we’re lucky as hell to have them.

Dawes Set List:

  1. Living in the Future
  2. If I Wanted Someone
  3. Right on Time
  4. Quitter
  5. Never Gonna Say Goodbye
  6. Things Happen
  7. Just Beneath the Surface
  8. Now That It’s Too Late, Maria
  9. Time Spent In Los Angeles
  10. Feed the Fire
  11. A Little Bit Of Everything
  12. None of My Business
  13. My Greatest Invention
  14. My Way Back Home
  15. From A Window Seat
  16. Picture Of A Man
  17. Coming Back To A Man
  18. Don’t Send Me Away
  19. Most People
  20. Crack The Case
  21. Roll With The Punches
  22. When My Time Comes
  23. All Your Favorite Bands