R.I.P. The Pogues

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Stereo Embers has learned that The Pogues are done.

Singer Shane MacGowan admitted in a new interview with Vice that the band is no longer an ongoing proposition.

When asked if they were still together, MacGowan responded that they “were not.”

He went on to say that the members had grown to “hate each other all over again.”

Admitting to this level of acrimony seemed to even shock MacGowan himself, who then added: “I don’t hate the band at all—they’re friends. I like them a lot. We were friends for years before we joined the band. We just got a bit sick of each other. We’re friends as long as we don’t tour together. I’ve done a hell of a lot of touring. I’ve had enough of it.”

The Pogues got their start back in 1982 but were first called Pogue Mahone. Since then, they’ve circled the globe, recorded seven albums and scored several hit singles.

While all of this may come as a bit of a blow for fans who hoped to see the beloved Pogues play together again, the positive news is that MacGowan, who had a medically trying year that found him breaking his spleen in a fall and undergoing hours of reconstructive dentistry, appears to be on the mend and heading towards good health.