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Pop Gets Its Saunter Back: The Changes’ Today Is Tonight

The Changes
Today Is Tonight
Drama Club Records

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The Changes prove that nothing brings a sentiment to life more than the heart that beats behind it.

That being said, the Chicago band’s debut Today Is Tonight is loaded with tons of heart. Not only that, but it’s one of the most unforgettable pop records in recent memory. From the carnival reggae of “When I Wake” to the big, sexy swerve of “Sisters,” Today Is Tonight is an album rich with hooks. Singer Darren Spitzer is as natural of a pop singer as Neil Finn (“Such A Scene”) or Squeeze’s Glenn Tillbrook (“The Machine”) and his voice contains a lustrous longing as well as a thrilling jubilance.

“Modern Love” suggests The Police while the plangent bliss of “When I Sleep” sounds like the kind of new romantic ballad that Spandau Ballet might have written in their heyday. Also noteworthy is the new wave hustle of “Water Of The Gods” and the elegantly syncopated “House Of Style,” which moves with a slick, and appealing prowl.

With touches of disco, techno and reggae, Today Is Tonight is the first album in years that brings the saunter back to pop.

It’s a welcome return.