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Southside Johnny And The Asbury Jukes Live At The Tarrytown Music Hall, NY

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Stereo Embers’ Photo Editor Geoff Tischman took in the Southside Johnny show the other night and we weren’t surprised to hear that the band blew his mind.

Geoff writes: “Its been close to 25 years since the last time I saw Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes perform and the show last week really took me back. Growing up in NJ, Southside was an equal presence to Bruce on my tapedeck. I have fond memories of skipping school during my senior year and driving to the Jersey Shore with the top down and “Hearts of Stone” blaring on the stereo. Southside is still the great frontman I remember–his soulful delivery, his natural rapport with the audience and his easy chemistry with his bandmates made the show an absolute joy. He even brought up a (very drunk) audience member to help sing backup on ‘Talk To Me’ and the results were nothing short of raucous fun. In addition to his classics he did some more obscure songs as well as great covers of “Happy Into All Right Now” and “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” It was what a rock and roll show should be–a party, a blast, one hell of a good time. I definitely won’t let 25 years go by before seeing another SSJ show!”