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Melodies For A New Era: An Interview with Electric Floor

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Photo Credit: Debora Chiarelli

On March 6th, the Italian new wave synth-gaze trio Electric Floor released their latest EP Fader.

 Comprised of Emanuele Chiarelli on vocals and the guitar, Simone Costantino De Luca on programming and the keys, and Fabio Cosentino on the bass, Electric Floor’s beats and melodies are utterly enthralling. Their elegant sound has been capturing the attention of music lovers and press all around the globe.

 Recently, Emanuele Chiarelli answered some questions about the band’s origins, the transition to a new sound, and their musical influences.

Stereo Embers Magazine: Hi! Thank you for taking some time to answer my questions. I really appreciate getting to know more about you and your latest EP Fader. Can you talk about your band’s history?

 Emanuele Chiarelli: Electric Floor is an Italian band formed in 2009 with another formation and the majority of our songs were in Italian. During the past few years, we have released two self-produced albums (30 and Falsità reali). There was a drastic line up change in 2014. The line up change brought so many things in our sound. Programming and synth have been replaced by drums. Once there were two guitars now there is only mine and it’s fun experience something new. Programming and synth make it “international” our sound and the song in English make this so great.Our label is Vipchoyo Sound Factory – an Italian label founded by Stella Diana, our friends and one of the best Italian shoegaze bands. We count on a strong friendship between us and it was a pleasure working with them.

SEM: I understand that Fader marks a transition in your sound with more emphasis given to electronica. Can you tell us about this emphasis?

E.C.: We wanted to create a big sound suggestion with tons of reverb and stratification of electronic parts. Our biggest strength is setting the mood and our lyrics give it meaning. This EP is the result of a dialogue amongst ourselves. Every song on the forthcoming EP was written during the same period and we think this is a dead romantic EP, after all.

SEM: What are some of the stories behind the tracks on the EP? Are any of them inspired by real life events?

E.C.: We don’t like to explain the details of our inspiration, but surely in our new EP you can find a lot of sensations and personal experience.

SEM: As a band, who are some of your musical influences?

E.C.: We get inspiration from 90s Shoegaze and Post-Rock, 80s New Wave and actual electronic music. It’s a strange melting pot of this music genres. We just love Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai, The Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Jesus and Mary Chain, U2, Moby, Boards Of Canada, Bonobo, Purity Ring, Youth Lagon, M83, Diiv, Ringo Deathstar, Beach House, Savages, Geographer, Efterklang, Phantogram, IAMX, The Joy Formidable.

SEM: Are there any musical eras in particular that inspire your sound?

 E.C.: Certanly 90s.

SEM: What does the immediate future hold for Electric Floor?

 E.C.: We don’t want to think about our future, is a great time for us and we want to enjoy it.

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