How To Make Protools For Windows Run Faster Without Buying A New Computer

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Optimize ProTools for Windows. Make it run better and faster on your existing system without buying a new computer, purchasing additional RAM, or a faster processor.

Get rid of notifications for User Accounts:

  • Click Start button
  • Next to blue flag icon, Change User Account Settings
  • A pop-up that says “Choose when to be notified about changes to your computer” will come up. There’s a vertical bar with “Always notify” on the top and “Never notify” on the bottom
  • Click OK

Use High performance Power Options:

  • Click Start button
  • Type pow, click Power options next to green battery icon with a cord next to it
  • Next to “Select a power plan” click High Performance

Disable unnecessary startup programs:

  • Click Start button
  • Type msconfig
  • Click Startup tab, fourth over on the right
  • Uncheck boxes for necessary programs
  • Click OK

Exit background programs:

  • Click Start Task Manager, green arrow, fourth option down
  • Click on icon for unnecessary program, click End Task

Unplug unnecessary devices:

  • Unplug USB devices that are unneeded
  • If you want to leave them plugged in, go to Start, Computer
  • On the left side there is a vertical bar. Below OS: C there is the USB device. Click Eject which is eleven down, beneath format

Recommended but not essential:

  • Don’t record to your internal system drive
  • Use the same drive types if possible
  • Check compatibility of drives on Avid’s website