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Liz Phair Releases Autobiography And First New Song In Ten Years

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Liz Phair has returned.

The beloved singer-songwriter hasn’t put an album out since 2010’s Funstyle, but the gap in her discography is about to be filled.

The Connecticut-born Phair has a new album set for a Spring, 2020 release and to whet her fans’ appetites she’s just put out the new single “Good Side.”

Produced by Exile In Guyville’s Brad Wood and featuring that album’s guitar player Casey Rice, Phair’s choice of Wood was a purposeful one. She had this to say about the subject to Stereogum: “I think the comprehensive and gorgeous reissue of my first record plus the Girly-Sound track made me nostalgic for the old days – thinking about the mindset we had when we were just starting out. I think I was curious to see what kind of music Brad and I (and Casey) would make now, on the other side of our careers.”

Phair is on a creative tear lately–her autobiography Horror Stories was just released and in the same interview she said the song has a connection to the book: “Yes, I think there’s a sense of counterbalancing the weight of my memoir being concerned with the darkness and haunting aspects of the past,” she said. “‘Good Side’ captures the optimism and acceptance I feel even in the face of disappointments.”

Phair was working on new songs with Ryan Adams, but those sessions didn’t yield satisfactory results–in fact, the two purportedly never finished any songs.  She told Vulture’s Rob Tannenbaum: “He was unreliable, and I wasn’t willing to go along with his process.”