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A Life Of No Mistakes: Filter’s The Trouble With Angels

The Trouble With Angels

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Now in their third decade, Filter has all the sting of their youth and from the sound of their fifth long player, time has only amplified the intensity of frontman Richard Patrick.

Falling somewhere between Jane’s Addiction and Nine Inch Nails, Filter have always been a hard band to pin down. Their biggest hit–1999‘s “Take A Picture”–found Patrick’s scream replaced by an almost McCartney-like pop sensibility, but the bulk of their work is an aggressive blend of agro-synth grooves and throaty, metal vocals. The Trouble With Angels is no exception. Although now a husband and a father, Patrick’s edges haven’t been softened by domesticity: “Love is murder/Love is further/Further down the hole,” he sings on the opener “The Inevitable Relapse.”

Vacillating between industrial synth pile-ups (“No Love”) and driving Goth metal (“Absentee Father”) this might very well be Patrick’s defining work. Elsewhere, “No Re-Entry” brings to mind Linkin Park; “Catch A Falling Knife” is dark and daring and “Clouds” finds Patrick confessing, “I dreamt of life with no mistakes.”

Certainly not one to be found here.