Kyle Jean-Baptiste Dead At 21

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Stereo Embers is sad to report the death of actor Kyle Jean-Baptiste.

Baptiste died in an accidental four-story fall from the fire escape of his Brooklyn home. He was reportedly talking to a woman when he lost his balance.

He was 21.

The actor rose to fame for not only being the youngest performer to ever play Jean Valjean in Les Misérables, but also for being the first African American ever cast in the role.

He was a dynamic, captivating actor with a powerful singing voice that was loaded with presence and heart.

Debra Messing tweeted this about Baptiste’s death:

While Kristin Chenoweth posted:

And finally, Josh Groban added:

Normally playing Constable and Courfeyrac, he stepped into the shoes of Valjean on July 23.

On the occasion he tweeted: “Today I go on as my dream role. No words.”

His loss finds us echoing that same sentiment.

No words here at all.