Justin Currie To Write A Song As An Auction Prize For The Scottish Entertainment And Hospitality Awards

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We know you’re charitable people, but Justin Currie has just given you an incentive to be even more charitable.

The singer/songwriter has announced that he will offer as an auction prize to write, record and produce a song for the highest bidder at this year’s Scottish Entertainment And Hospitality Awards.

Additionally, because any money that’s made by the song will be owned by the charity, all payment will go directly to Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus, Scotland, which is the official charity partner of the awards.

The Scottish Entertainment And Hospitality Awards will take place on May 8 at the Glasgow City Hotel.

There is no online auction at the event, but a page has been created with the aim to be the highest bidder. The creators of the page write: “…we have created this page to see if we can – collectively – be the highest bidder. If we are, then we will choose one lucky donor – at random – to be the recipient of this once-in-a-lifetime prize! Simply donate using the “Donate” button…All of the money we collect through May 8th will be used as our bid for the auction. If we collect enough to win the auction at the event, then you will be entered to win the prize. For each pound you donate, you will be given one entry in the drawing – so the more you donate, the better your odds! If we don’t win the auction, your money will be donated to SBH Scotland.”

The site goes on to say: “Justin was inspired to donate the personal prize after he heard about the charity and spent time with SBH Scotland’s service users at one of its bi-weekly play schemes, singing and playing with the children at an “Under the Sea” event.”

One of our favorite singer/songwriters of all time, Currie’s work is a literate and tuneful dose of heartbreak, wisdom and nerve. He bravely shines a bright light into the dark corners of our hearts and the results are always nothing less than riveting.