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The John Butler Trio Live In New York

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In the middle of a lengthy North American tour, the John Butler Trio made a stop last night (August 24) at the Capitol Theatre in New York.

The Australian outfit filled the legendary Port Chester venue with hordes of faithful fans and they were not disappointed by the night’s proceedings.

Butler pulled generously from his discography, playing numbers like the buoyant “Better Than” and the breezy bliss of “Ocean,” but what was notable was the live debut of a brand new song called “Bully.”

Written as a reaction to world events ranging from the violence in Virginia to the ongoing Australian debate on gay marriage, “Bully” is a rousing and moving number.

In a press release about the song, Butler says it’s, “…about the abuse of power. It’s about governments, corporations and organizations who think they have the right to use violence and their powers of state against their own community. This song is about good people all over the world, who believe in a fair, just and sustainable future, who are willing to stand together to protect what is most precious to them.”

SET LIST: Cold Wind, Betterman, I’d Do Anything (Soldier’s Lament), Hoe Down, Better Than, Used To Get High, Pickapart, Ocean, Blame It On Me, Don’t Wanna See Your Face, Bully*, Ragged Mile (Spirit Song), Zebra

Encore: Losing You, Livin’ in the City, Funky Tonight