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Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Live At The Capitol Theatre

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Joe Russo’s Almost Dead bill themselves as a Grateful Dead cover band, but they’re so much more than that.

They’re a collective of musicians that can do anything–and I mean anything.

I caught two of the band’s three sold-out shows (1/13, 1/14) at the Capitol Theater in Port Chester the other night and they were in mind-blowing form.

JRAD plays the music of the Dead with technical exactitude, but they also bring in an improvisational brilliance that gives each number a new spin.

The Band:

Joe Russo – drums

Tom Hamilton  – Guitar & Vocals

Scott Metzger – Guitar & vocals

Dave Dreiwitz – Bass (bassist for WEEN)

Marco Benevento – keyboards

Show #138

Set One:

  1. Samson and Delilah
  2. China Cat Sunflower
  3. Rubin and Cherise
  4. Truckin’
  5. Tennessee Jed
  6. Greatest Story Ever Told

Set Two:

  1. Man Smart, Woman Smarter
  2. Bertha
  3. Mr. Charlie
  4. Eyes of the World
  5. Cumberland Blues
  6. Dancing in the Street


She Does It Right

Chinatown Shuffle

The following notes from show #137 is taken from the band’s Facebook page and features extensive notes from the band.

Show #137
The Capitol Theatre
Port Chester, NY
Night Two of Three

Set One (9:00PM – 10:19PM) 
Scarlet Begonias ->
Sugaree @ ->
Fire On The Mountain # ->
Good Lovin $ -> 
They Love Each Other %
Pride Of Cucamonga ^
Playing In The Band

Set Two (10:54PM – 12:40AM)
Row Jimmy ->
Jam & ->
Lady With A Fan & + ->
Terrapin Station & ->
I Need A Miracle @@ ->
Your Time Is Gonna Come ## ->
Ramble On Rose
Music Never Stopped $$ 
Cats Under The Stars %% ->
GDTRFB ^^ ->
We Bid You Goodnight &&

Marco Solo ->
The Festival ** ->
I Know You Rider ++

@ – With an “I’m The Only One” (Melissa Ethridge) Tease & a Fire On the Mountain Tease (TH)
# – With Sugaree Lyrics (TH)
$ – With a short Fire On the Mountain Jam
% – With a Shakedown Tease (Band)
^ – First Time Played by Almost Dead. JR vocals 
& – With Playin & Terrapin Teases (TH)
* – I’m going to start labeling Terrapin part-by-part. “Lady With A Fan” goes from “Let my inspiration flow” to “ but he cannot be bought or sold“ and “Terrapin Station” goes from “Inspiration, move me brightly” to “and the whistle is screaming: TERRAPIN“. On this night, the second part of the “Suite” including “”Terrapin”, “Terrapin Transit”, “At a Siding”, “Terrapin Flyer” & “Refrain” was not played at this show
+ – With a Marco Solo
@@ – with a “Dear Mr. Fantasy” (Traffic) tease (TH)
## – First Time Played by Almost Dead. JR vocals. Partial version of a Led Zeppelin cover, 1st verse & chorus were sung. 
$$ – With a Fire On the Mountain Tease (TH)
%% – With a “Duo Jam” and a “Hey Bulldog” (The Beatles) Jam (Band)
^^ – With Mountain Jam Teases (TH & then MB)
&& – Traditional instrumental ending to GDTRFB, with a short Cold Rain & Snow Jam (Band)
** – Chuck Berry cover, First Time Played by Almost Dead. MB vocals…/festival_20202543.html
++ – With a Morning Dew Tease (TH)