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Ian Gibbons Of The Kinks Dead At 67

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Ian Gibbons, who played keyboards for The Kinks, has died.

Gibbons, who had just celebrated his birthday on July 18, was 67.

News of the musician’s death came early Friday (9/2) and it’s been reported that he died at home the day before. The cause of death at this point has not been confirmed, but it’s been reported that he was ailing from bladder cancer.

Gibbons played in The Kinks for 27 years and his tenure with the band was from 1979-1996

“To simply say Ian will be missed would be an understatement,” Ray Davies said in a statement. He went on to add: “My first thoughts are for his family and loved ones.”

Via Instagram, Kinks guitarist Dave Davies posted: “Ray called me this morning to break the news – totally devastated by the sudden loss.”

Drummer Mick Avory also paid tribute, writing: “I’ve known and worked with Ian for 40 years and I shall always remember him as a good friend and great musician. I will miss him so much, especially as we were still working together. It’s so sad he had to go so quickly before anyone could say goodbye.”

In addition to his work with The Kinks, Gibbons also played with Ian Hunter, Sweet, Suzi Quatro, Dr. Feelgood, The Kursaal Flyers, Andy Scott and Maggie Bell.

A child prodigy, Gibbons got his start playing accordion at age nine. He transitioned to the organ as a teenager when he became a member of Moonstone.