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Dark, Jittery Beauty: Home By Hovercraft’s Are We Chameleons?

Home By Hovercraft
Are We Chameleons?

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There’s a dark, quirky beauty at work on the new full-length from Dallas’ Home By Hovercraft.

Fronted by the husband and wife tandem of Seth and Shawn Magill, Are We Chameleons? has all the dark textures of American Music Club accompanied by the idiosyncratic rhythms of vintage Pere Ubu.

“Rocket” is a jittery and urgent love song; “Out Of My Head WIth It” wouldn’t have sounded out of place on The National’s High Violet and “In Hand” is pure post-punk cabaret, positively redolent with paranoia and suspicion. Later, “Zoo Lion” is utterly heartbreaking; “Relief” is an open wound of a number that aches away with the refrain, “Don’t let love burn out” and the album closing “Blessed Highway” is a shimmering answer to the Talking Heads’ “Road To Nowhere.”

Check out “Zoo Lion” if you please: