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Groovy And Artistic Modern Rock: Tulipomania’s “On The Outside”

On The Outside/Don't Be So Sure (Seahawks remix)
Sursumcorda Recordings

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Tulipomania , whose name was inspired by the 1637 Dutch tulip market place collapse, have just released their new single On the Outside/Don’t Be So Sure” (Seahawks remix).

That may sound like an unusual kind of a moniker for an alternative, indie rock band from Pennsylvania, but their music is not strange at all. The single includes 3 songs: the title song, a remix for “Don’t Be So Sure” by Seahawks, and the original version from their 2016 This Gilded Age debut. It’s a quite easy-listening release, very melodic with a good clean sound and a beautiful front cover by Vaughan Oliver. This is mid tempo, groovy, modern rock music blended with interesting elements that’s skillfully arranged.

The Seahawks remix of “Don’t Be So Sure” is an excellent pattern specimen in how remixes should work–you know, without spoiling the original. Jon Tye (founder of Lo Recordings-Grimes, Aphex Twin, Thurston Moore etc) and Pete Fowler (most famed as the illustrator of many Super Furry Animals album sleeves) looked into the music with respect, and it’s obvious that they loved the original, so they worked on it in a very respectful and artistic way. They enhanced the rhythm section, removed the keyboards, kept the vocals and put a little “twist” on the guitar pedals. If you ask me, Seahawks somehow managed to shoegaze it a bit!

So, if you are keen on Arcade Fire, Pere Ubu and Crazy Horse, you should check this out.

This is a very good work by quite a talented band who has real character.

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