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Gang Of Four’s Complicit EP Hits Shelves April 20

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Gang Of Four have announced the release of their new EP.

Dubbed Complicit, the four track offering from the legendary post-punk band from Leeds will be out on April 20.

The EP is comprised of four new tracks: “Lucky,” “Ivanka (Things You Can’t Have),” “I’m A Liar,” and the remix of “Lucky.”

It’s the band’s first new release since 2015’s What Happens Next and should satisfy their fervent fanbase until their new album arrives this summer.

Of “Lucky” which is the EP’s first single, founding member and guitarist Andy Gill said in a press release: “This track itself is a product of chance. I’d been watching a serious debate on one of those financial news channels – six white men in suits arguing about the stock markets – and it set me thinking about how limited luck can be. A lot of trading is anyway now done by algorithms to try to eliminate the element of chance, but luck isn’t capable of fundamentally changing the system. Even if you believe market crashes are the result of bad luck rather than layer upon layer of human and machine error, the system shudders, restarts and goes on as before.”

Gang Of Four have been around since 1977 and in our minds there’s no better band to comment on the digital age, political corruption and global matters.

Gill perhaps says it best: “Time passes, history moves on, the story moves on and the story will be told. And the Gang of Four tell it.”