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Fuzz-Soaked Punk Rock Bullets: CUP’s Hiccup

Aagoo Records

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 Hiccup (that’s after round x with beers) is the new LP from the New Yorkers  CUP and it rocks!

It’s really interesting and a little strange that their previous record Puc was in an acoustic psychedelic-garage mood when the new one, which was released on November 10 by Aagoo Records, is a 12-track offering that sounds a bit more angry. All of the songs are written with an up-tempo attitude, suitable for dancing, with power chords and fuzz-soaked punk riffs that may take you from The Ramones to The Clash and times from The Pixies to Dinosaur Jr.  The average duration time of the tracks are only 2 minutes, and that’s one more item that accentuates the punk attitude of the record. These songs are short, rock bullets stretching and skewing into off-kilter melodies over driving dual rhythms.

That may look a little odd today when rockers need 4 to 5 minutes to describe their intentions and  fill it with their technical agonies, and I love it, but CUP need the half time and as a result, Hiccup is like kissing you on the forehead while punching you in the stomach. “Apparition” is the second track of the LP and it has an official video too, that’s directed and animated by Sean McAnulty, a stop-motion /claymation artist based in Melbourne/Australia.

They have a video for Yr Freaking out too, which is more insane and the song is more evidence of the LP’s penchant for acceleration, but the best songs from Hiccup are the opening “Little Hiccup” (I laugh a lot with that humor man, you know, first track little hiccup before the big hiccups of the LP), and “Realization,” a stage diving, punk-skating tune.

This is a fast LP which includes songs about existence and anxiety and reflections of our odd world and growing older in it.


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