From The Joy Formidable To Meter Bridge: Matt Sloan’s Top Videos of 2015

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These are, in my mind, the top videos of 2015.

I’m likely leaving some out, but it’s really hard to recollect the full year’s worth of videos at this point.

I present these in no specific order. They are all great, so feast your eyes…

Lilies on Mars – Dancing Star

Video edited by Francesco Poli inspired by Rutt – Etra – Izer Technique.


A Copy For Collapse – Grey Sunday (Proxy Remix)

Director: Andrea Corsini
Production company: MTFRAME


The Morelings – Too Far

Directed by Santa Anna


The Joy Formidable – Y Garreg Ateb

Directed by Ryan Owen Eddleston


Lusts – Temptation


Lights That Change – Voices

Director Jason Sheppard


Wray – Hypatia

Beliefs– 1992


Wozniak – The Gospel of Infinity

Directed by Wozniak


Lunar Twin – Champagne (Grand Cru Edit)

Directed by Jayson Valencia


A Copy For Collapse – No Failure

Directed by Valentina dell’Aquila


Daughter – Doing the Right Thing

Directed by Ian Forsyth & Jane Pollard



Malka – Mientras Se Respira

Directed by EJ DeCoske



Broncho – NC-17

Directed by George Salisbury / Delo Creative


Meter Bridge – Kite

Directed by Jill Beaulieu and Richard Kleef


Weird – Infinite Decay

By MUTE Studio, directed by Lorenzo Musto and Erica Terenzi


Ummagma – Orion

Created by Edward Alvarez


Trementina – Fall Into Your Bed

Created by Trementina