Fishbone Featuring Members Of The Original Lineup Reunite In Connecticut

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Fishbone are the greatest live band on the planet.

Ever since the Los Angeles punk/ska band formed back in 1979, their live shows have always been legendary displays of physical dexterity, musical virtuosity and wild unpredictability.

Their rubber-jointed singer Angelo Moore is an electric blend of cartoon chaos and soulful stomp and even after over thirty years of music under his belt, he remains as energetic as ever.

The band brought their “Chim Chim Rises! Return of the Monkey!” tour to the Fairfield Theatre Company the other night and the Connecticut crowd was packed tight to see original Fishbone members performing together for the first time in 25 years–it wasn’t the original lineup, but it was close. The band lineup is now: Angelo Moore, Walter Kibby, Phillip FISH Fisher, Norwood Fisher, John Bigham, Rocky George, Jay Armant and Paul Hampton. Fisher and Bigham haven’t played with Fishbone in almost twenty years.

Guitarist Kendall Jones and keyboardist Chris Dowd who started with Fishbone in 1979 have been rumored to be mulling a return to the band.

The band’s tour is in honor of their 1996 record Chim Chim Rises! which they are playing in its entirety along with other selections from their back catalog.

Here are some of my favorite shots of the night.