Exclusive Video Premiere: “(Hail Mary) Sister Six” by We Three And The Death Rattle

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UK-based (Leicester, England to be exact) garage rock/punk/blues band We Three And The Death Rattle is a lean, mean, and well-oiled (but still extremely gritty) machine that chugs along on the force of frontwoman Amy Cooper’s deadpan vocals and the super-tight and dynamic interplay of guitar and drums from twin brothers, Jon Bennett and Andy Bennett, respectively.

We Three And The Death Rattle recently released its second hard-hitting album, Entrances & Exits, via PAW//PURR. The rumbling single “(Hail Mary) Sister Six” came out yesterday, and its video premieres here.

The band shoots straight from the hip with grimy and kinetically restless guitar ‘n’ drums-driven sonics, supplemented by thick waves of Korg at times, and always with Cooper’s cool-tone, drop-dead vocals. As Cooper sing-talks about the scourge of computer viruses, she likens them to humans taking over and destroying the natural world.

Cooper features strongly in the video, dressed up as a retro-mod nun (or novice) and mouthing the lyrics dispassionately and with a direct gaze. Found footage flits by of gangster violence, flashing casino lights, and brightly lit computer coding, bringing home the central themes of religion and where to find a savior – Is it through religion, or riches, or maybe something else?


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