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New, Improved EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN: Northern Arms “What You’ve Got On” (now with added link!)

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Now that you’re all primed and ready from the review, Stereo Embers can now bring you a first listen to Northern Arms’ debut single, “What You’ve Got On.” (available here) Plus, to honor all those that contributed to the making of it, we’ve listed the entirety of the band down there. Stand up and give them a round of applause, they deserve the Oscar for Best Debut Single in..well, quite some time. If we may suggest, for your listening pleasure, put your headphones on and turn it up:

Northern Arms:

Keith Richard Peirce (Vocals, Guitars)

Eric J. Bandel (Piano, Bass, Vocals)

Travis Weissman (Lead Guitar)

Michael Tramontana (Baritone Sax, Melodica)

Kenneth Brune (Vibes, Clarinet)

David Kain (Trumpet, Synthesizer)

Angel Ocana (Drums)

Heather Brann (Vocals, Percussion)

P.J. Brown (Vocals)

Jeff Ziegler (producer)

Single is now available for purchase on iTunes here