Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO) and Monti (Curve, JAMC) join forces as M A D

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U.K.-based (Steve) Monti and Dean Garcia are the mad artistic scientists behind the new music project M A D (“Monti And Dean”, get it?) and they are joined by Garcia’s daughter Rose Berlin on vocals and guest singers Joan Of Ice, Bax, and Preston Maddox (Bloody Knives). Their debut album Slow Mo just dropped April 15th and it’s available to purchase and listen to at M A D’s Bandcamp site.

Slow Mo was written, produced, and mixed by M A D with Garcia on bass, drums, guitars, keyboards, bleep, and programming and Monti on drums, keyboards, FX, and programming. Berlin’s angelically airy vocals and words are featured on 7 out of the 10 tracks while Joan Of Ice (vocals and words) appears on “The Door”, Maddox (voice and words) materializes on “Paralyzed”, and Bax shows up for last tune “Baxi”.

In the unfiltered words of M A D:

“M A D – – SLOW MO

Made by Monti And Dean AKA M A D digging into a relentless slow mo down beat trip-tronic dark-core space, how low can you go, none more low. Featuring the dreamy tones of Rose Berlin, the ice cold glare that is Joan of Ice, the wild abandoned vocal energy of Bax and the sleazy swooned out voice of Preston Maddox. We recommend this record is listened to very loud preferably in the dark through big fuck off speakers that can handle a lot of bass, dig into your recreation of choice and zone the fuck out….. Nice”

Slow Mo is “Dedicated to Things that go bleep in the night.”

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