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Christmas Miracle: Noel And Liam Gallagher Appear To Have Reconciled

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It appears Noel and Liam Gallagher have ended their nearly decade-long feud.

Let’s stress the word appears, because nothing has been officially confirmed.

Here’s what we know.

Liam took to Twitter today and wrote: “I wanna say Happy Xmas to team NG it’s been a great year thanks for everything looking forward to seeing you [tomorrow].”

Considering the public venom the two brothers have directed at each other since Oasis’ 2009 split, that tweet came out of nowhere.

A fan tweeted back: “Team who? Your not going to have a meltdown on here come Christmas day are you Liam when NG doesnt reach out to you.”

To which Liam replied: “He’s already reached out”

And an immediate clarifying follow-up read: “We’re all good again”

And a third taunted: “What you saying now smart arse”

Some fans are rejoicing, while others are understandably askance.

The wildcard in all of this is that there’s been no word from Noel.

Either way, there certainly will be.