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Calm Animals: The Fixx Live In Connecticut

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The legendary London outfit The Fixx played the Fairfield Theater Company the other night (12/4) and they were in fine form.

Pulling from their winning ten-album discography, the band’s classic lineup sounds better than ever, playing with fluidity, muscle and grace. Drummer Adam Woods keeps time with the perfect blend of new wave groove and post-punk fills, bassist Dan K. Brown imbues each number with slinky prowl, and guitarist Jamie West Oram is one of the most inventive and underrated players around. Meanwhile, singer Cy Curnin remains one of the most charismatic frontmen in music, moving through each number with serpentine grace.

Well-worn classics like “Red Skies” and “One Thing Leads To Another” still sound potent and vital, while newer tracks like “Girl With No Ceiling” sound familiar and solid.

The band’s encore was a perfect one-two punch: “Do What You Can (Peace On Earth)” and a rousing take on the Plastic Ono Band’s “So This Is Christmas (War Is Over).”

The Fixx Set List:

  1. I Found You
  2. How Much Is Enough?
  3. Driven Out
  4. Camphor
  5. Are We Ourselves?
  6. No One Has to Cry
  7. Saved by Zero
  8. I’m Life
  9. Stand or Fall
  10. Phantom Living
  11. One Thing Leads to Another
  12. Girl With No Ceiling
  13. The Sign Of Fire
  14. Deeper and Deeper
  15. Red Skies
  16. Sunshine In The Shade
  17. Do What You Can (Peace On Earth)
  18. So This Is Christmas (War Is Over)