Boroughs To Release New Single Dec 4–Listen Now To “Stay With Me”

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Photo courtesy of Boroughs

Southern California-based band Boroughs is a four-piece that blends elements of country rock, gritty folk, and soulful Americana that’s reminiscent of the likes of early Neil Young, Ryan Adams, and Wilco.

Charismatic singer-songwriter Kyle Neal poignantly sings storytelling songs of love, heartbreak, and loss, while guitarist J.D. Carrera adds an atmospheric country feel to the band’s recordings.  Bassist Derrick Wong and drummer Tyler Johnson set up a solid, yet kinetic framework for Kyle and J.D. to build upon.

Boroughs is set to release its self-titled EP on December 4th and it was recorded by John Spiker. The 6-track EP spotlights Neal’s expressive, but warm vocals and includes vocal harmonies from guest artists Natalie Nicoles (Branches), Natalie Meadors (Valley Queen), and Nicole Vaughn (Ranger).

Neal delves into the meaning behind the lyrics of the E.P., stating: “The EP is inspired by me having a brain that isn’t always happy, altering my state to try to cope with that, making dumb decisions, regretting said decisions and then altering my state to cope.”

The result is a touchingly relatable batch of tunes, from lead single “Keep It Up” and its subject of reckless youth to the universal themes of abandonment and heartbreak of “Alive” and the power of love and acceptance on the anthem “Enough”.

Boroughs’ latest single is the gently flowing, but upbeat “Stay With Me” that swims in strummed acoustic guitar strings, slide guitar twang, the whisking pace of brushed drums hits, and Neal’s light, but regretful vocals as he sings, “Won’t you forgive me / Words I said when I was gone / they haunt me like a ghost.”


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