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Blues Traveler Live In New York

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It’s hard to believe that I’ve been seeing Blues Traveler play live for thirty years.

This occurred to me as the legendary New Jersey band took the stage at the Capitol Theater the other night (2/25) as part of their ongoing 30th anniversary tour. But then just as quickly as I became aware of how much time has passed, I became unaware of time as John Popper and company tore through a set that pulled generously from their discography.

Every note was perfect, every harmonica solo sublime, every rolling chorus a thrilling triumph.

Blues Traveler have aged well–their songs have a timeless quality and the band is a tight and well-oiled unit, moving together with rhythmic grace.

They haven’t put a record out since 2015’s Blow Up The Moon, but the band’s catalog sounded fresh and as invigorating as ever.

“Three decades… three decades and I am still surprised when we play and find some rich new musical vein to tap,” Popper told JamBase back in April. “Three decades and I cannot believe my luck with this band of brothers and this string we have run! Thirty years since a bunch of loud boys embarked on an adventure that took them around the world and made them a family that has not ceased growing to this day. Thirty years later and I am still so very grateful.”