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Alpine Dub Master Craftsman Dubokaj Comes Down The Mountain With A New Single

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Swiss electronic music master craftsman Dubokaj dropped his Alpine Dub Re Dub album on January 13th via Mouthwatering Records. The record is a revisiting of his previous work Alpine Dub, which bowed last year, except this time around the ‘re-dub’ includes alternate versions of his original compositions, plus a slew of unreleased material.

Dubokaj is the moniker producer and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Jakob has picked up as an expert in the newly-coined ‘alpine dub’ field (Swiss-influenced dub music). Since the mid-1990s he’s dipped into a range of stylistic waters, from hip-hop and Italo-pop to electronica and film scoring. He was part of the lauded electronic pop duo Filewile and has remixed a plethora of tracks for other artists.

Dubokaj is introducing a new instrumental cut off of Alpine Dub Re Dub, the “Trimoto Calim Dub” track that contrasts a calm and gentle sonic background with popping-bubble notes, tinkering machinery percussion, and echoed pings and rings. Slinky sounds rub up against clacking patterns, conjuring up visions of clockwork, sandy lands, and burbling waters.

Take a listen to “Trimoto Calim Dub”:


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