Alex Green To Read From The Heart Goes Boom At A Great Good Place For Books

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Alex Green will mark the U.S. release of his new novel The Heart Goes Boom with a reading and signing at A Great Good Place For Books.

The event will take place Thursday (Sept 29) at 7pm. at the popular Oakland bookstore which is located in Montclair Village.

“I’ve known owner Kathleen Caldwell for over 30 years, so having the event at her store is the most natural choice for me,” Alex says. “Plus, we both love the Dead Kennedys, so that’s an added bonus.”

Published by Wrecking Ball Press in the U.K. Green’s novel is the follow up to 2014’s Emergency Anthems.

A recent review summed up the novel as a mix of Pulp Fiction and The Wizard Of Oz: “Like The Wizard of Oz mets Pulp Fiction, this debut novel from San Francisco writer Alex Green is a hilarious post-modern road trip through the shallow surfaces of a media obsessed America. After his girlfriend pushes him through a fortune-teller’s window, fading TV star Kieran Falcon realises his life needs to take a decisive turn. Aided by an assorted cast of eccentrics, mavericks and outright maniacs, Kieran sets off on an epic quest for true love and immortality. Characterised by the type of snappy, witty writing that makes American literature so great, The Heart Goes Boom is one of the most enthralling and original novels you’ll read this year.”

You can order The Heart Goes Boom here:

Watch Alex interview a panel of authors at the Bay Area Book Festival below: