The Dean Ween Group Live In New York

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The Dean Ween Group opened up for the Claypool/Lennon Experience the other night at the Capitol Theatre and it was a truly engaging experience.

Playing with energy, muscle and humor, Ween and his band of merry men tore through their set with a unique blend of virtuosity and idiosyncratic musical brilliance.

Ween (whose real name is Michael “Mickey” Melchiondo, Jr.) is perhaps best known as the guitarist for the beloved band Ween, but the Pennsylvania-born musician heads The Dean Ween Group, which involves a rotating cast of players and they’re nothing short of awesome. Flanked by guitarist Michael “Kid Funkadelic” Hampton, keyboardist Glenn McClelland, bassist Dave Dreiwitz and drummer Claude Coleman Jr., Ween and his band played a perfect mash up of punk rock, funk and soul.

It was a truly brilliant performance–wild, raucous and an utter blast.

Here’s a download of the show:

  1. Dickie Betts
  2. It’s Gonna Be A Long Night
  3. Garry
  4. Stella Blue
  5. I Saw Gener Cryin’ In His Sleep
  6. Fingerbangin’
  7. Mercedes Benz
  8. The Mollusk
  9. The Rift

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