The Shelters Live In New York

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Their self-titled debut hit shelves June 10 and almost immediately The Shelters hit the road to support it.

Touring with Tom Petty’s Mudcrutch, the L.A.-based band’s chiming guitars and sonorous harmonies bring to mind The Byrds and their new single “Rebel Heart” is one of the best songs of the year. They tore through numbers like “Fortune Teller” and “Birdwatching” and closed their set with a rousing take on The Yardbirds’ “Lost Woman.”

You can buy or stream the record here:

Petty co-produced the band’s debut and even though they’re a young outfit, at New York’s Capitol Theatre they played with poise, power and heart.

The Shelters’ Set List:

Rebel Heart


Surely Burn

Really Wanted You

Fortune Teller


Never Look Behind Ya


The Ghost Is Gone

Lost Woman (Yardbirds cover)

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