Stereo Embers Video Premiere: Audreytina – “I Don’t Believe In Mysteries”

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Photo a still from “I Don’t Believe In Mysteries” courtesy of the artist.

L.A.-based Audrey Ellis Fox, the multi-talented artist behind her alter ego Audreytina, has recently released a fun-in-the-sun, super-melodic pop single, “I Don’t Believe In Mysteries”, that shines brightly with her sweet, sing-song vocals, twinkling beach-pop sonics, and buoyant to incisively bracing lyrics-based tonic.

The song swims in a New Wave 80s-meets-bubblegum pop-greets-60s Girl Group musical style, but there’s an undercurrent of unrest in Audreytina’s searching and insightful lyrics. She questions the relationship she’s in, asking in a softly chipper tone, “…would you set me free? / I gotta move on / I gotta stay strong…” amid the perkily played accompaniment of light guitar reverb, bass line hum, chiming notes, tambourine jingle, crisp handclaps, and airy backing harmonies.

Audreytina directed, edited, and produced the video for “I Don’t Believe In Mysteries” and it’s a cheeky gem with Audreytina sparkling like the star she is center stage. Like the delectable delight of cotton candy melting on the tongue, there’s no way to resist the charm of Audreytina. Audrey Ellis Fox is a multi-talented force of nature who is not only a musician/singer-songwriter, but an actress, visual artist, and poet as well. Read on to find out more about “I Don’t Believe In Mysteries” from Audreytina herself:

On the surface, “I Don’t Believe In Mysteries” is a quirky pop song and music video about unrequited love – the yearning, the rejection, the disappointment. Underneath, however, it’s about trying to find my footing in the world and struggling to fit into society’s mold.

The video, tinted a melancholy blue, features me looking very out of place in gothic attire on a southern California beach, surrounded by volleyball players and happy-go-lucky sand dwellers. A cute surfer, played by my real life boyfriend Billy Fox, catches my eye and I pursue him, attempting to impress with my bizarre dance moves and, finally, by picking up a surfboard myself. He laughs me away (as do the other onlookers) and dips into the ocean as I continue to live in my strange, imaginary world, still clutching onto the small hope of one day achieving normalcy — or, in the case of the video, true love — without compromise and staying true to myself.

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