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24 Hour Boomer People: Bombshell Radio To Broadcast A Marathon of Alex Green’s “The Heart Goes Boom”

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In honor of recording his 24th show for the station, Bombshell Radio has announced it will run a marathon of Alex Green’s “The Heart Goes Boom.”

Starting at midnight (Oct 23), Bombshell will broadcast every single episode of “The Heart Goes Boom” in sequential order.

The show features new music from up and coming bands like Galveston (NZ) and the Decrees (Scotland), comedy, music industry job tips and interviews.

Green plays a host of bands, but recent staples include The Jazz Butcher, Golden Curtain, Dodge McKay, Justin Currie, Gangs Of Youth, The Lighthouse and the Whaler, and Brennan Hester.

“I’m really excited, but I have to admit 24 hours in a row is a lot of me to take,” Green says. “I’ve had ex-girlfriends tell me 24 minutes was too much.”

Green has also expanded his duties at Bombshell to include a long-form interview show called Stereo Embers: The Podcast.

Upcoming guests include Sara Curtin, the Bye Bye Blackbirds, The Coronas, Mark Olson and the Decrees.

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